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Best Parallel Dialer For Outreach - Nooks

Giano Fiore
Mar 9
min read

Discover how modern sales teams are using Nooks + Outreach to automate tasks, increase call volume and drive productivity like never before.

Outreach is one of the original Sales Engagement Platforms (SEPs) that changed the playbook for modern day outbound. No matter what SEP an outbound team is using, chances are they considered Outreach at one point in time.

With Nooks + Outreach, Sales teams are able to maximize every second of their calling times and power their outbound strategies end-to-end. This means that they can load their sequence call tasks and prospect data straight into Nooks and then automatically power or parallel dial those prospects to increase call volume and conversations up to 5x.

Then, Nooks identifies bad contact data so users can automatically enrich or waste less time on bad contacts.

What would this look like for your workflow? 

- Users pull in call tasks from Outreach sequences in real time

- Nooks automatically logs call dispositions, recordings and conversations notes back to Outreach and CRM

- Nooks supports bidirectional sync on Outreach's prospect and account fields

- Nooks Numbers uses AI to identify bad data and take them out of sequence or make them easy to enrich

Why use power/parallel dialing? 

A parallel dialer is a tool that allows users to dial multiple lines at once to get to a live conversation 3-5x faster than normal dialing. A power dialer fully automates outbound calling by initiating one call after another.

Both are significantly faster than manual dialing and using an AI-powered parallel dialer that integrates to your SEP and CRM, like Nooks, will give you access to technology that automates cleaning and replacing bad numbers, taking notes, logging dispositions and more.

This is why modern sales teams like Airbase, Seismic and ModernHealth have adopted Nooks.

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