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80% of Seismic’s meetings come from cold calls after implementing AI parallel dialer

How Seismic upgraded their team to Nooks parallel dialer and virtual workspace to drive millions in pipeline.

Giano Fiore
Feb 16
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Increasing seller capacity and touchpoints across hundreds of accounts with a fixed amount of sales reps.
Sales reps are able to reach 100+ people per day and have more capacity to strategize and prospect.
reduction in rep ramp time
Increase in overall meetings booked per rep
"Our team absolutely loves Nooks, it has had such an impact that the SDR team would be up in arms if we were to lose it. Nobody wants to go back to manual dialing.
Melissa Adamo
Director, Sales Development

A Leading Sales Enablement Company

Seismic is a leading global sales enablement platform that empowers your entire customer-facing organization with the skills, content, tools, and insights they need to delight clients and grow the business. Their all-in-one solution helps sales teams consolidate several technologies and provide a unified place to go for all training and scaling resources. 

Driving efficiency across hundred of accounts

As a leader in their space, Seismic has no problem driving new business. It’s actually the opposite, their global SDR org serves across many markets and was challenged with driving consistent touch points across all of their accounts. 

Melissa Adamo, Director of Sales Development, first heard of Nooks from SDRs who were reaching out to her team to show them the benefits of parallel dialing. Soon, they started to understand the value of an auto dialer solution. From there, they opened up an evaluation and began to explore what the market had to offer. 

After several trials and reviewing feedback from both end users and managers, Nooks ended up being the winner based on its robust reporting, auto dialer rooms and the support team’s ability to work closely with them and adjust from feedback.

Leveraging Nooks to help drive strategy

The initial driver for their decision to implement a sales dialer was that their Sales Reps work upwards of 600 accounts. So with their original tech stack, they didn’t have the capacity to put touchpoints on all of them on a consistent basis. With all the time spent manual dialing and their lack of reporting, it was tough for them to understand how they should be prioritizing their accounts. 

The robust reporting and live analytics is ultimately what won over leadership. During trial it allowed the managers to not only coach conversations, but understand where their team is spending their time.

During their trial, they utilized reporting to discover how many prospects are being covered across an account so they can instruct individual reps to increase prospecting activities or focus on other channels when calls aren't connecting. 

By understanding how reps are working their accounts and what numbers they’re spending their time on, leadership was able to maximize overall reach to their TAM in the right way. 

Melissa also mentioned that the salesfloor was built better compared to alternatives. Their SDR teams in Boston, San Diego and EMEA come together, make calls, and understand what their peers are saying to prospects.

“Traditionally, our reps were only able to hear what their local team was doing. So it’s extremely valuable for them to learn different strategies across teams and across the globe” 

And on top of that, they are working directly with their customer support team every day in Slack channels to onboard reps and add new features specifically tailored to their needs. “The support team takes feedback and has made so many adjustments to the product that has allowed our team to see more success.”

A team built on 'do more with less'

Pipeline is an extremely important metric at any organization and Seismic uses the talk track, “do more with less” when pitching their own solution, so Nooks fits in perfectly with their mantra.

“Nooks is a tool that allows you to make more calls with less reps and increase seller capacity. So for us we’ve been able to drive more pipeline because we’re able to source more pipeline. So our reps and sales leaders that we roll up to are equally pumped about Nooks and they aren’t using it today.”

With new challenges facing outbound teams, such as Google and Yahoo’s new email restrictions - Seismic is focused mostly on cold calling. Today, 80% of meetings come from cold calls.

“Our team absolutely loves Nooks, it has had such an impact on our team that the SDR team would be up in arms if we were to lose it. Nobody wants to go back to back to manual dialing.”

The future is bright with Nooks

The Sales Development team is planning it’s future in Nooks, spending more time coaching to quality conversations and leveraging the data that lives within Nooks to set new goals for the team. They’re planning a new onboarding/ramping system for onboarding SDRs because they’re able to have conversations with prospects much faster, accelerating trial by error.

“If I were speaking to any SDR leader today, I would tell them that Nooks really allows teams to do more with less. Especially right now, it’s extremely important to continuously build pipeline. Nooks allows SDR teams to reach out to more prospects, have more conversations and gain more context on what’s going on at more accounts.”

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