Boost pipeline
together with an
AI Parallel Dialer

• AI Parallel dialer helps reps get 5x more connects
• Accelerate calling workflow with parallel dialing
• Coach & collaborate in a virtual bullpen
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Welcome to Nooks where working together is fast & fun

Remember how you turned around and asked a co-worker a question? Nooks lets you feel the energy of the office online.

Get more connects, faster

Gong SDR Manager

Taylor Kain-Godoy

"Nooks has been a breath of fresh air for this team."

"It's this direct-feedback, organic type of learning that can't be replicated anywhere but Nooks."

3x your team's pipeline

Automate the tedious tasks of dialing with our AI parallel dialer that removes bad numbers and voicemails. Spend more time talking to prospects and less time listening to voicemails.

Parallel dialing saves hours each day

AI detects and removes voicemails and bad numbers
Automatic CRM Logging
Call up to 5 lines at once

360° prospect view helps you crush your calls

Emails, call history, account notes, prospect notes & details
LinkedIn and Salesforce integrations
Keep calls personalized and relevant
Emails, call history, account notes, prospect notes & details
LinkedIn and Salesforce integrations
Keep calls personalized and relevant

Goodbye Zoom. Hello Nooks.

Miss that energy of everyone dialing together? Nooks has native video conferencing that makes it seamless to host that power hour or call blitz and energize the team. Turn up the music, hear the buzz of people making calls, and celebrate those meetings.

Virtual bullpen lets the team dial together

Listen to your teammates' calls live
Hear "background buzz" like an office
Drop-in and out rooms

Collaborate and coach in realtime

During a call, send a message to your teammate
Join the room after the call to give feedback

Nooks is loved by SDRs

Listen to music while you dial. Once connected, music will be muted automatically.
Gifs and Emojis are great for celebrating!

Try free interactive demo

Interactive Demo

Nooks analytics

Nooks analytics lets users and managers track outbound calling data.
Calls, connects, meetings, conversion rates.

Integrate with
your tools

Nooks customers are saying

"Leaps and bounds ahead of the competition"

"This is a must have for any BDR leader that wants to bring their results to the next level. We tried three different dialers and Nooks was the clear winner. It was easy to use, customer service was incredible, and the virtual salesfloor was a game-changer. At one point my reps were begging to bring Nooks back."

Sheri Slater

Manager, Business Development at Knak


Increase in connects

3h 20m

Average time spent in salesfloor per day per person

"We instantly saw more meetings"

"Within the first 5 minutes of using Nooks a rep booked a meeting. Then, a few minutes later another one. In the first three days, our team booked more meetings than we had in the last three weeks."

Tony de Leon

Director of Sales Development at Evisort

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Increase in calls made per rep


increase in meetings via phone

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