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Mental health unicorn builds high-performance sales culture in Nooks

How Modern Health switched from Orum and supercharged their outbound motion.

Giano Fiore
Feb 16
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The team needed to integrate tools into a single platform to increase efficiency.
Increased call volume, better scalability of calling strategies and a better calling culture.
increase in call volume
We have a "Nooks Blitz" for two hours a day. The platform really allows me to coach and drive meetings like never before.
Jess Podlofsky
Manager, Sales Development

A Thriving Company with a Growing Culture

With over 800 employees and a $1.7B valuation, Modern Health is a unicorn that offers a mental well-being platform for innovative companies offering therapy, coaching, and self-guided courses all in one app. Backed by investors like Kleiner Perkins, Founders Fund, John Doerr, Y Combinator, and Battery Ventures they have raised more than $170 million, making Modern Health the fastest entirely female-founded company in the U.S. to reach Unicorn status.

Their platform empowers companies to help all their employees be the best version of themselves and believes in meeting people wherever they are in their mental health journey. Before Jess Podlofsky and Derreck Korbecki came on board as Sales Development Managers, the company's cold calling culture was just getting started and reps were making an average of 10 calls per day.

Building a winning culture by combining Sales Floor and Parallel Dialer

Like most companies in 2023, ModernHealth’s sales development team was exploring ways to decrease cost while still striving to hit increasing revenue goals. Their team had been using a parallel dialer and was seeing success with high volume dials but SDR leaders, Jess Podlofsky and Derreck Korbecki, noticed that some of their reps were using a version of Nooks virtual salesfloor to make calls together with the parallel dialer separately.

Once their renewal was up, they looked further into Nooks and discovered that they can combine salesfloor, parallel dialing and an integration with their sales engagement platform, all in one place.

“The transition to Nooks was seamless. When you can seamlessly transition from one platform they use everyday, to a completely different one, that says a lot about the product in itself.” - Jess Podlofsky, Manager of Sales Development

Bringing Back the Bullpen and 5x-ing Dials

After switching their team completely to Nooks, Jess and Derreck started building a cold calling culture similar to the in-person bullpen environments they’ve built in previous roles. The Sales Development team adapted quickly to the new parallel dialer and was excited to have the whole team working together in Nooks.

They have scheduled call blocks using the Sales Floor but most of the reps are working in the platform before and after that time. Reps are typically making 100 calls per day, with some of the top performers making as many as 200. A huge increase from 10-20 calls per day in early 2022 when Jess first came onboard. The team is now looking forward to implementing other Nooks features like Battle Cards and AI Note Taker into their day to day.

“The ease of use to see past information, past emails and prospect's LinkedIn is exciting. Having everything in one place is helping us scale training out to our team.” - Derrick Korbecki, Manager of Sales Development

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