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Airbase increased sourced opportunities 3x by switching to Nooks

How Airbase switched from Orum and tripled SDR and AE sourced pipeline.

Giano Fiore
Feb 16
min read
Increasing conversation volume while improving one-to-one training to maximize conversions.
AE sourced pipeline increased from 30% to goal to 140% while SDR sourced pipeline tripled.
increase in AE sourced pipeline
increase in meetings booked by SDRs
The Nooks team cares second-by-second and minute-by-minute from trial to onboarding. Time to value was before we even bought it.
Carver Marshall
Dir. Sales Development

A team fit for a top-ranked platform

As the top-ranked spend management platform for businesses with less than 5000 employees, Airbase relies heavily on training and collaboration to create a seamless experience for their incoming customers. Their inbound and outbound SDR teams are solely responsible for sourcing 40 - 60% of the company’s revenue.

In early 2023, the team started exploring virtual headquarters and parallel dialers as a way to increase conversation quality and volume. After disappointing results from their first vendor, they switched over to Nooks and found that the AI-powered dialer and collaborative salesfloor was exactly what they needed to accomplish their goals.

A culture of AI-assisted success

The Airbase team works together in Nooks salesfloor while their managers monitor real-time analytics and transcripts powered by AI. This allows them to coach and optimize their talk tracks and dial data to maximize every conversation. Carver Marshall, VP of Sales, described it as “the same water-cooler morale boost without the operating expense.”

Sales reps use the parallel dialer to dial five numbers at once and connect immediately to the first one that answers. With increased call volume and optimization, their SDR team accomplished three times the normal bookings per week than with their earlier provider. The strategy expanded to the Account Executive team which took them from 30% of their self-sourced pipeline goal to 140%.

The virtual future looks bright

With their success in virtual coworking, senior leadership is planning on continuing to build their team-first remote sales culture. They’re even discussing scaling Nooks to their Customer Success team to take advantage of the pull-aside functions and conversation analytics for customer trainings. Carver and his team are working closely with their CSM and putting in requests that meet their specific needs. “Our CSM is very reactive, collaborates with our team in Slack and gathers feedback. The fast response time and live support is like nothing else.”

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