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Generated $1M in ARR and a first-of-it's-kind exit with Salesfloor

How MedRep Meeting built their entire sales org with Nooks, grew to $1M ARR and got acquired by Reveal Lazers.

Giano Fiore
Feb 16
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Accessing non-local talent to scale their sales development team from 1 to 25 without an office.
Grew to 25 reps and hit over $1M in ARR in less than one year, led to an acquisition by Reveal Lazers.
calls a day per rep
meetings per day overall
Our goal was to scale our company as fast as possible and get acquired... and we did it. We did it all using Nooks.
Peter Skidmore

Building a world-class team in Salesfloor

When MedRep Meeting first started in 2022 they needed access to non-local talent. They were ready to scale to multiple reps across the country but didn’t want to be limited by geography. Since their sales strategy involved unique training methods and relied on collaboration, they needed a way to work together without being in person.

Founder and CEO, Peter Skidmore, found out about Nooks from LinkedIn and decided that Salesfloor was the best solution to build a face-to-face culture. After onboarding, he started scaling his team from one rep to two reps and eventually to 25 reps in one year.

Creating a virtual working culture

Using Nooks Salesfloor, Peter built a team-first cold calling culture in what became known as their virtual HQ. Much like an office, reps were incentivized to be online during calling hours and and rewarded for their efforts during those times.

Every day they logged in at 9 AM for their morning meeting, rang the bell and began calling. Veteran callers were able to coach newer callers and provide live feedback, much like they were sitting right next to each other. As a result, theteam became hyper-productive, typically making 80+ calls and setting 8 meetings per day.

First medical inside sales company to be acquired

After just one year in business, their revenue grew from $0 to over $1M in ARR, an accomplishment that led to a first-of-it’s-kind acquisition by Reveal Lazers. The parent company wanted to invest in building their own inside sales team until they discovered MedRep Meeting. They decided it was better to merge with an already built, highly productive sales organization instead.

There has never been an inside sales company acquired by a medical device company after just one year in business.

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