Nooks Numbers

Nooks AI automatically invalidates wrong numbers and finds alternatives so your team can stay ahead of the competition

Leverage the world's top data providers directly in Nooks:

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The BIG problem with your data

Mobile Coverage
of your leads in top
lists have mobiles
Data Quality
of those numbers
you have are invalid
Low Penetration
of your TAM or list is reachable via mobile with 1 data provider

How Nooks helps

Integrate Nooks with your tools

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Customers love Nooks Numbers

Morgan Gunderson

Sales Development Manager

at Routable

Our connect rate increased by 40%
Our average connect rate was ~5% in Q1. Over the past quarter of using Nooks Numbers we’ve been enriching every contact in sequence, and the connect rate has increased by ~2%!!!
Adam St. Onge

Regional Sales Director
at Zilla Security

We’re reaching 50% more prospects
Nooks Numbers waterfall enrichment helps us find more mobile numbers and reach 50% more prospects. The team even got a handful of meetings on the first day and they’ve seen an immediate boost in conversations.