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Nooks Hot Numbers 🔥 Cold Calling Competition Recap!

Giano Fiore
Mar 9
min read

Catch the event recap and view the event recording for Nooks most exciting cold calling competition to date.

On March 7th, Nooks hosted a high-stakes cold calling competition where Sales Development Representatives set off to book the most meetings in one hour for a $500 prize.

The competition was hosted in Nooks Virtual Salesfloor and the competitors were using Nooks AI-Powered Parallel Dialer to 5x their dials and connect to live prospects faster.

On top of the pressure of racing to win $500, there was an audience of 300+ peers watching live on LinkedIn.

Belal Betrawy from joined us for live coaching to drive meetings and help all of us become better sellers.

After a thrilling 55 minutes of fast pace cold calling, the competitor's results were unbelievable.

Chelbea Bart: 3 meetings booked
Mike Zappa: 2 meetings booked
Megan Plocher: 2 meetings booked
Matthew Maloney: 2 meetings booked
Michael Evans: 1 meeting booked

10 meetings booked between 5 sales reps in less than one hour. An amazing accomplishment for any call blitz.

Congrats to our winner, Chelbea Bart, for taking home the $500 prize!

Follow Nooks to catch the next live cold calling competition and view the recording here: 

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