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SecondNature generated most pipeline in company history after just 6 months

How SecondNature used Salesfloor and AI-powered dialing to triple SDR and AE sourced pipeline.

Giano Fiore
Feb 16
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Leadership team needed to upgrade resources in order to increase call volume and train reps to move upmarket
Generated 5x boost in conversations and accelerated team’s talk track mastery to double average deal size and amount of upmarket deals
increase in overall call volume
increase in meetings booked per month
We went with Nooks because it was the best value and our most successful parallel dialer pilot. It was a no-brainer.
Nick Sproul
Sales Development Operations Leader

An AI-forward team from day one

SecondNature is a Tel Aviv-based sales training platform with over 50K users. It provides a “virtual pitch partner” that uses conversational AI to have actual discussions with sales reps, scores them, and helps them improve on their own so that they can ace every sales call.

Their Sales Development Operations Leader, Nick Sproul, took over the SDR team and started developing strategies to increase revenue. After just two quarters using Nooks’ parallel dialer and virtual salesfloor, his team had their best ever quarter in ARR added to pipeline from outbound activities, significantly increased average deal size and doubled the amount of deals from companies with 1000+ employees.

Taking outbound to the next level

Before Nooks, Nick Sproul’s team was using a popular sales engagement software to execute one-off dials from inbound leads. SDRs were mostly operating in silos or would huddle for 1-2 hours every few days. It worked great for their situation at the time but it soon became time to hone in on increasing outbound activities, conversion rates and deal size, which required better resources.

An Account Executive at the company had been successful in the past with parallel dialers and recommended it to leadership, so the exploration into building their AI-assisted team began. Leadership piloted multiple options, but ultimately had the most success with Nooks’ parallel dialer combined with salesfloor.

The company’s best quarter ever

After seeing strong results with Nooks during trial, and seeing a major impact in their first quarter, they started to shatter records. The team attributes their success to the parallel dialer which helped them take conversation rates from 1.5-2% to over 10%.

On top of that, the ability to listen to calls in real time and provide live feedback brought real results; from 15 meetings/month to 35, an increased average deal size of $70K from $30K and moving upmarket to over 30% of meetings being from companies with over 1000 employees. SecondNature plans on growing their outbound team in Nooks and the using parallel dialer to capitalize on high volume conversations for years to come.

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