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Abnormal Security's SDR team drives millions in pipeline per month in Salesfloor

How Abnormal Security built a virtual office environment and integrated parallel dialing to supercharge their outbound motion.

Giano Fiore
Feb 16
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Building an engaged sales culture based around high volume dialing in a remote environment.
Immediate improvements in team culture and coaching, increasing conversions and scalability.
meetings booked/month
connect-to-meeting rate
When a vendor goes above and beyond, it really makes my whole team feel valued as a customer. We've never looked back and never will.
Joe Racine
Sr. Director of WW Sales Development

A virtual foundation for high performance

Founded in 2018, Abnormal Security is an email security provider that’s answering the call to protect companies against attacks that bypass legacy email solutions. In just five years, they’ve raised a staggering $284 million in funding, grown to 500+ employees and is the second fastest security company to reach $100M in ARR.

As Abnormal has continued to expand, Joe Racine, Head of Sales Development, was tangling with different ways to manage sales reps in a remote environment with high volume outbound goals. After trying multiple parallel dialers and collaboration tools they finally find the solution they needed in Nooks’ all-in-one platform vision.

A 5x increase in outbound activities

The team has worked with other parallel dialers previously, but still wanted to improve team engagement to build a cohesive remote culture like they would in a physical office. During their trial, the team flocked to work inside Nooks and saw almost immediate improvements in collaboration and peer-to-peer coaching that lead to overall increase in activities and conversions.

With the combination of the AI-powered dialer and the collaborative environment in salesfloor, reps were able to 5x their productivity by logging tens of thousands of dials per month, resulting in 853 conversations over one minute and 138 meetings. A significantly higher than industry average connect-to-meeting rate of 15%.

Embracing the future of AI-assisted SDRs

Today, the Abnormal Security SDR team is proudly built on Nooks with sales reps across the country. They train and work in salesfloor and use parallel dialing to execute high volume activities, yielding millions in pipeline. Leadership is working closely with product and engineering to develop custom features and test new rollouts as the industry moves towards AI-driven sales tools.

“The Nooks’ team is the most responsive vendor I have ever worked with in my career and I’ve been doing this a long time,” explained Head of Sales Development Joe Racine. “I always felt like me and my team were top priority for them. I definitely say they give their customers the white glove service.”

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