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Nooks announces record-breaking Q2 riding the shift to AI-powered cold calling

9 Jul
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Learn more about how the Nooks team led a record-breaking Q2 as more B2B teams are shifting towards AI-powered cold calling, prospecting and training tools.

Today is a big day. Not just for Nooks, but also for the outbound movement.

Nooks just announced our Q2 results, and they were massive. We doubled our ARR in just 6 months. Not a year. Just since January 2024. Wow.

And there’s even more behind that topline number.

We grew so fast for a lot of reasons. Not just the wave of new customers adopting Nooks.

We landed our two biggest deals ever. Enterprise businesses with large outbound teams see the value of AI-powered cold calling. Now, they’re moving in bigger numbers to Nooks. They see the massive boost they can give to their sales reps through prospecting “superpowers”.

Our team keeps crushing their targets. In fact, Shara Davoodi, one of our AEs, hit almost 300% of his goal. Meanwhile, every ramped SDR exceeded their quota with our top performer, Jared Dietz hitting 168% of his target.

We’re also happy to go head-to-head with our competitors – the results our prospects see speak for themselves. We see again and again our trial users demand that Nooks stay live. That’s why our win rate is 80% in competitive deals.

So, how did we do it?

Major Market Shift to AI-Powered Cold Calling

Today’s sales leaders know how important pipeline generation is. And they’re investing in the channels that drive better conversations and more meetings with prospects. We hear from many of our customers that outbound dialing is powering 70-90% of total pipeline.

We see the demand for AI-powered cold calling explode because leaders see how effective it is at generating real pipeline. In fact, Nooks customers have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in pipeline by using our platform.

Constant Innovation from the Nooks Team

We’re never satisfied with providing the best AI-powered parallel and power dialing experience. We’ve added a whole range of tools and enhancements that make Nooks the obvious choice.

Our customers use our Nooks Numbers product to enrich prospect phone numbers. Using our waterfall approach, they can leverage multiple data providers without leaving the Nooks interface. And without contracting with the various vendors. Better numbers equals more conversations.

We launched our AI Training bot with our famous (infamous?) hot sauce challenge. The bot interacts with your reps like a real prospect, helping them to practice their pitch and objection handling. The bots can be easily configured to suit your business, objections, and other sales situations. That means your team is better prepared every time they get a prospect on the line.

And the innovation keeps coming.

A World-class Team Supporting Our Amazing Customers

We don’t just build products that our customers LOVE, we make our sales process a delight too.

We pride ourselves on building an incredible team of GTM professionals dedicated to our customers’ success.

We filled out our GTM leadership team with the addition of Paulette Greene (Customer Success) and Peter Mollins (Marketing). And we’ve grown our total headcount to 55 people – with 4 key promotions from within the Nooks org!

But we’re not done. We’re hiring now to add to our rockstar team. If you’re interested, apply for one of our open roles:

  • Account Executive
  • SDR
  • Product Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Technical Support Engineer

We can’t wait to see what Q3 holds. We hope you’ll join us!

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