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Nooks vs Orum: How To Pick The Best Dialer

Giano Fiore
Apr 5
min read

Learn more about Nooks, the fastest growing AI-powered parallel dialing platform, and how it compares to Orum.

AI-powered power and parallel dialers are becoming a must have tool for Sales Development teams that allows Sales Reps to call at 2-5x the pace while automating manual tasks and giving leadership access to real-time data and reporting.

This is why teams like Seismic, Airbase and Abnormal Security have chosen Nooks as a foundation for their Sales Development organizations. 

Compare Nooks vs. Orum on G2.

Why you should consider a power/parallel dialing software:

Modern day sales teams are built on Sales Engagement Platforms like Outreach, Salesloft or Apollo because it’s no longer cost effective to have sales reps manually executing tasks.

For that same reason, teams of the future are building their call strategies on dialing platforms because single dialing, call logging and manual dispositioning are no longer cost effective.

Increase connect rates:  AI capabilities in modern dialing softwares will detect bad numbers, at scale, and integrate with data providers to remove and replace.

Decrease ramp time and training proficiency: Nooks Salesfloor gives Sales Leadership the tools they need to give real-time feedback, review call transcripts and train new talk tracks like never before.

Lower cost-per-opportunity: Cost per meeting will add up as your competitors are leveraging technology to 2-5x their conversations.

How to choose the right dialer for you:

Productivity when parallel dialing is the product of:

Volume: "how many prospects do you call"

Connect rate: "how often do they pick up"

Conversion rate to opp: "can you convert the convo to an opp"

Nooks, Orum, and other dialers are good at volume - because this is simple - just make a lot of calls. Improving connect rate & conversion rates are harder, and this is what distinguishes a great dialer from a good dialer. Here are the differences to take into consideration: 


Some platforms offer a robust sales floor with screen sharing, live conversation transcripts, volume control and real-time data so leadership can manage a call block like it’s in person. Others will lack in these areas. 


Nooks ensures spam risk mitigation, decreasing the likelihood of being marked as spam with FCR Number Registration.

Users can group account/persona so sellers can focus on talk tracks and conversion based on repetition.

Managers can scale out talk tracks and call scripts based on account, title, persona with real-time Battle Cards and more...


With LinkedIn Embed + Prospect, Account and SFDC notes, callers will have access to all the information they need on every call.

Call Library & Analytics: 

With 2x-5x the dials, management gets access to more powerful data than ever before. Get the best insights with objection, conversion, account penetration, sequence performance reports.


With Nooks Numbers, prospect data will enrich automatically and remove bad numbers through integrations with providers like Apollo, ZoomInfo, Cognism and SalesIntel. 


Compare Nooks and Orum on G2.

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