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How to Increase Connect Rates When Parallel Dialing

May 23
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How to maximize your call blocks for the most conversations with tactics that make every call count. Use these tips for your power or parallel dialing tool to supercharge your outbound team.

For most Sales Development teams, the hardest part of their outbound strategy is having effective call blocks. They could spend up to an hour listening to ringtones before getting a single conversation, let alone hours before booking a qualified meeting.

This is because now, more than ever, Americans are less likely to answer their phones. To combat this, sellers are using parallel dialers to connect to multiple prospects per hour and drastically increase call productivity. 

In this article, we’ll explore ways to increase high connect rates to maximize call blocks.

What is parallel dialing? 

A parallel dialing software is a tool designed to make multiple calls simultaneously. Using AI technology like Magic Connect, the software will decide which line has a real person on the other end and connect you automatically. Companies like Airbase and Modern Health using dialing platforms like Nooks to increase their conversations up to 5x

Ways to increase connect rates:

Add new and updated contacts to your lists 

When using an AI-powered dialing software, callers will run through contacts significantly faster than single dialing. Make sure they’re always adding fresh data and new potential prospects to your call sheet. 

Prioritize contacts in early stages of a sequence

If your team uses Sales Engagement Platforms (SEP) like Outreach or Salesloft to build cadences. Make sure that you’re calling new prospects first in your dedicated calling times. 

Filter to dial mobile numbers first

Data from over 3 million calls show that mobile numbers have a significantly higher chance of answering than work lines. Use your parallel dialing software to filter for mobile numbers first. 

Remove invalid numbers

Without the proper tools, it can be tough to mark invalid numbers and prevent them from being called again. To make every dial count, remove them from your dialing software or “snooze forever.”

Review team reporting 

Use your team's call analytics in your dialing software to understand which calls are working and where people are getting stuck. Then review with your reps to make adjustments and increase overall conversion rates. 

Nooks Reporting: Explained

Set up your voicemail sequences

Customer call data shows that leaving a voicemail increases your chance of a pickup on the next call by 25%. Proper voicemail practices will dramatically increase connect rates over time. 

Voicemail tips to increase conversions

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