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Nooks' Next Gen AI-Powered Parallel Dialer

13 Jan
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Battle Cards, Magic Connect, Intelligent Call Insights. How Nooks is building the future AI dialer to take your sales team to the next level.

If you know someone who comes from the 'good old days' of selling, you've heard the classic story about dialing out of a phone book with a push-button phone.

Since then, the game has changed with the rise of sales engagement tools that automate tasks so selling teams are able to execute at a significantly faster rate.

Now we're seeing the beginning of a new era, AI-driven sales tools.

Here's what's coming for Nooks users and what it means for you during the AI revolution.

Real-Time Battle Cards

Training new sellers on how to approach different ICPs is a struggle for scaling teams. Typically, sellers learn by weeks of trial and error and have to wait to get feedback from their manager.

With Nook's Real-Time Battle Cards, you can create prompts that appear for sellers as soon as they connect to a prospect. Customize them based on sequences, accounts and job titles so your team has everything they need to execute a perfect call.

Say goodbye to waiting months to scale out new talk tracks and update your team immediately on what they should be saying to your audience.

Magic Connect

When it comes to parallel dialing, there's been one consistent headache for users; time-to-connect.

This is because parallel dialers have a lag time as they decide if the person on the other end is real or a voicemail.

With Magic Connect, we've built a system that learns from millions of voicemails to make smarter decisions and connect you before they finish speaking.

This lowers the chance of your phone number being labeled as spam and reduces connect times by 71% compared to competitors.


Spending hours listening to call recordings? NooksGPT uses AI to automatically tag and sort calls by objection, milestone, etc.

NooksGPTwas created to shine light on the questions you have about your team's conversations. We let you use AI to answer any questions about your calls such as "where was a competitor mentioned?" or "did the prospect raise an objection to price?" Calls are tagged automatically and then easily searchable.

Find gaps in messaging, where you're losing prospects, and what objections your team hasn't had enough training on. Then track, tag and audit to guide training decisions.

What this means for you

Sales and marketing processes are getting smarter and allowing outbound teams to reach more people, faster. Whether you lead a high-volume team or a low-volume team, innovations in AI are here to give you everything you need to execute high quality calls.

We're committed to keeping you at the forefront of selling data. Check out our previous article on cold calling insights from nearly 3 million dials.

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