Cold Calling


20 Jun
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Nooks $500 Dialer's Diablo Cold Call Challenge set a record amount of meetings in one hour and Ariel Rose Reed took home the cash prize. Learn more and check out the recap video.

On Thursday, June 13th - Nooks hosted a high-stakes cold calling competition to see which SDR can set the most meetings using parallel dialing in an exciting one hour blitz!

The rules we're simple:

1. Ten top SDRs/AEs are selected to compete

2. Competitors will bring a list of 100+ contacts and dial using Nooks AI-Powered Dialer

3. The competitor who books the most meetings on calendar WINS

Final score: 

Ariel Rose Reed - 5 (Winner and NEW RECORD)

Shannon Rice - 4 (tied with the previous record)

Madison Moran - 3

Ryan Rehbock ☁️ - 3

Madison Woolsey - 2

Lex Keaton - 1

C.J. Gregory - 1

Tala Hadaya - 1

A total of 20 meetings booked in an hour - NEW EVENT RECORD.

Watch the recording here: 

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