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Top Sales Reps Using Parallel Dialing - Spring 2024

Giano Fiore
Mar 22
min read

Learn more about the Sales Development Professionals that are changing the B2B landscape with AI-powered dialing.

As more and more teams are adapting AI technology and parallel dialing, we're hearing increasing success stories from teams and sellers that are able to do more with less by leveraging AI-powered dialing technology.

If you're curious if your team should be using a dialing platform or you just want to learn how you can get the most out of your parallel dialer then look no further! 

The Sales Reps below are Nooks users that have made 10,000+ calls with AI-Dialer from January 1st, 2024 - March 31st, 2024.

These folks are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in Sales Development. Follow them and give them the kudos they deserve! 

Junaid Hussain

Dials: 24,805+

Michelle Wilde

Dials: 23,050+

Michael Forstik

Dials: 21,929+

Desiree Diaz

Dials: 21,711+

👑 Repeat winner!

Omayma Bougdour

Dials: 21,563+

Emanuel Trimingham

Dials: 21,150+

Daniel Mancin

Dials: 19,895+

Brandon Bailey

Dials: 19,858+

Nick Oliveira

Dials: 18,606+

Katie O.

Dials: 18,523+

Markus Stoll

Dials: 18,491+

Jake Einwechter

Dials: 17,760+

Nate Norbo

Dials: 17,697+

Guy Eddy

Dials: 16,946+

Adam Kuntz

Dials: 16,710+

Jim Aversa

Dials: 16,178+

Khmari Thompson

Dials: 15,678+

Mason Hungarter

Dials: 15,548+

Ed Williams

Dials: 15,532+

Andrew Snyder

Dials: 14,872+

Franklin Rhodes

Dials: 14,735+

Nicholas Janack

Dials: 14,631+

👑 Repeat winner!

Peter Winslow

Dials: 14,508+

Julian Quinlan

Dials: 14,389+

Matthew Picus

Dials: 14,371+

Will Cunningham

Dials: 14,313+

Landon Carmichael

Dials: 13,931+

Angelina Lewallen

Dials: 13,643+

Jesus Sanchez

Dials: 13,488+

Tahsina Tarannum Mustafa

Dials: 12,974+

Tyeler Castillo

Dials: 12,962+

Erik Olson

Dials: 12,899+

Hayden Olenec

Dials: 12,887+

Michael Luque

Dials: 12,698+

Hayden Nicholson

Dials: 12,620+

Devan Joseph

Dials: 12,393+

Michael Vidovich

Dials: 12,126+

Vanessa Pollari

Dials: 12,126+

Bobby Walker

Dials: 11,886+

Jordan Thompson

Dials: 11,859+

Callie Rebodos

Dials: 11,823+

Teri Valdez

Dials: 11,822+

Joey Rogers

Dials: 11,778+

Shane Slone

Dials: 11,768+

John Kleinberg

Dials: 11,746+

Edward Flores

Dials: 11,668+

Ryan Donovan

Dials: 11,642+

Nate Brown

Dials: 11,586+

Domenico Ortiz

Dials: 11,543+

Alexandra Flach

Dials: 11,449+

Eric Sherkel

Dials: 11,270+

Brandon Lariz

Dials: 10,875+

Fatima Fofanah

Dials: 10,646+

Yaron Kark

Dials: 10,471+

Steven Phan

Dials: 10,295+

Trevor Withrow

Dials: 10,962+

Justin Nabong

Dials: 10,569+

Danny Escobar

Dials: 10,984+

Joseph Tursi

Dials: 10,377+


Dials: 11,118+

Caleb Waltersdorf

Dials: 10,519+

Joey Gustaveson

Dials: 10,364+

Michael Jaewon Lee

Dials: 10,164+

Peter Lopes

Dials: 10,070+

James Nolan

Dials: 10,069+

Kyle Ceraolo

Dials: 9,997+

C.J. Gregory

Dials: 10,000+

Earnie Banks

Tracking to 10K by March 31st

Rick Walsh

Tracking to 10K by March 31st

Kayla Pryor

Tracking to 10K by March 31st

Taylor Rodgers

Tracking to 10K by March 31st

Logan Taunton

Tracking to 10K by March 31st

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