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Top Sales Reps Using Parallel Dialing - Summer 2024

28 Jun
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These Sales Development Professionals are showing what's possible with AI-powered parallel dialing.

Nooks 10K Club has doubled since Spring 2024 and we're excited to say that over 200 users made 10K+ dials using Nooks AI-Powered Parallel between April 1st, 2024 - June 30th, 2024.

So much so that we had to create a new tier. Nooks 20K Club.

We don't have space to feature everyone, but here are some of the top SDRs to follow on LinkedIn if you're looking to connect with some of the best using AI dialing and prospecting technology.

20K Club

Ahmed Serag

Cássia Neumann

Jon Aron

Anish Saha

Raphaël Rothman

Joshua Lilly

10K Club

Sunil Prem

Alexandra Flach

Shawna Ross

Jecon Llacer

Guy Eddy

Dimitri Sarakinis

Marcella Shinkawa

Teri Valdez

Gavin Cinnirella

Alexander Mordan

William Fox-Lear

Dusan Ivanovic

Hugo Barraza

Antonio Bravo

Cristian Gutierrez

John Hinds

Madison Woolsey

Caspar Harezlak

Siddhant Sharma

Max Berman

Regina Hirsch

Elise Harmon

Nitjap Kaur

Jacob Nicol

Thomas Morris

Megan Plocher

Bharath Prakash

Brandon Wahlberg

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