Cold Calling

Parallel Dialing for Strategic Outbound… it works!

2 Feb
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How AI dialing helps strategic outbound sales teams (MidMarket, Enterprise, Strategic) help your company hit pipeline goals faster.

AI dialing is a hot topic these days. 

Personalized emails are an extremely effective method when compared to its counterpart of templates. However, to significantly return on emails it takes about 5-10 mins to reach the point of “worthy of reply”. LinkedIn is a great method to try and break through the noise, but if you think your competition isn’t doing it you’re sadly mistaken. 

Cold calling is hard, but it’s the only channel where, when a prospect responds, you have the opportunity to ask them a question or share information and receive answers/feedback live!

Why cold calling is hard?... especially for strategic teams. 

SDRs and AEs have multiple challenges facing them when it comes to personalized research.

Research - You can’t replace the step of knowing why you’re reaching out to an account. It’s probably the most important part of cold calling.

Spam Filters - You might not even know it, but a lot of your calls might not even be making it to a prospects phone. It’s just a speck of dust that never had a chance to book you a meeting. 

Opportunities to Answer - When your prospects are at high priority accounts, it’s a no-brainer that you’re not going to call them every single day. Let alone, twice a day!

Connect Rate - They’re key prospects. They rarely answer! Typically, your connect rate is 2-5%. Maybe 10%. But you spend 5 mins/prospect calling 20 people to get one person to answer every other day. 

Instead of doing things the old fashioned way, Nooks is helping teams increase their chance at booking a meeting with target prospects by 233%.

Here’s the playbook:

Do the Research - Do your research on your accounts on log them in Account Notes in Outreach, SFDC, or Salesloft. Do your research on prospects and log it to the appropriate fields.

Add To Call Only Sequence - Add your target prospects a call everyday sequence. These can be more than one if you want to group different sequences by “reason for reaching out to account”. 

Organize your list in Nooks -  This is where it get Nooks-y

1. Select the sequence with accounts you want to target

2. Remove duplicate numbers 

3. Enrich your list

4. Group your prospects by account

- Nooks will show you the Account notes for each account before you start dialing

- Call your prospects by account, when your through your lists make it to the next 

Select a Nooks generated Anti-Spam number - Nooks will allow you to generate 5 numbers with area codes you’ve selected, register them with your business, and protect you against ending up in spam.

AI dial 1-3 numbers - work through calls efficiently, but strategically having access to account notes at all times and prospect notes once a prospect answers. 

Set up 3 dial sessions/day - Use a different Nooks number to call morning, afternoon, and evening without “bugging your prospect”. 

The impact we’ve seen with our customers is a 300% increase in connects with your key prospects and if it that math works out with a 7% connect and a 50% conversion rate, you’re looking at 2 meetings through the phone turning into ~12 meeting on a weekly basis.

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