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Cold Call Masters Tournament 2023: Recap

May 23
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Teams of three SDRs compete with four well-known Sales coaches in a multi-week tournament for the Cold Calling Master title. Learn more about how they used AI Parallel Dialing to book several meetings each week.

From October 18th - November 1st, Nooks partnered with Kevin Hopp, Amelia Taylor, Tom Slocum and Maren Erickson to bring together 12 top Sales Development Reps in the B2B tech community to compete for a shot of glory and the first ever 'Cold Call Master' title using the virtual sales floor and AI-parallel dialer.

Each week, two of the teams face off in a one hour meeting race to set the most meetings with their prospects. The losing team is eliminated. The winning team moves forward to the finals.

Check out the live event recaps below and visit our sponsors who made the event possible:

Hopp Consulting Group

The SD Lab


About the Virtual Salesfloor: 

The Nooks Virtual Salesfloor creates a bullpen-like cold calling environment that allows sellers to call together, work as a team, and receive live feedback to maximize productivity. When the team calls together, they are free to talk, strategize and review calls while the dialer is ringing. Once they get a pick-up on the other end, the rest of the team is muted so they can focus on their conversation.

About the AI Parallel Dialer: 

The AI Parallel Dialer maximizes team's call blocks by allowing them to call three to five numbers at the same time. The tool uses AI technology (Magic Connect) to connect the caller to a live person on the other end, instantly. The tool is native within the virtual sales floor so it's easy to use while sellers work together. During the competition, competitors can be expected to make anywhere between 100 - 300 dials in one hour.

Round 1: Team Hopp vs. Team Taylor

Round 2: Team Slocum vs. Team Erickson

Final Round: Team Hopp vs. Team Slocum

Congrats to Team Slocum for taking home the title! 

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