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Try Nooks AI Training!

15 May
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Nooks AI Training Bots are now live. Work on your talk tracks with your toughest personals using AI training from real calls.

Nooks AI Training is now live and sales reps can practice talk tracks and objection handling without wasting a connect.

Reasons to use Nooks AI Training:

- Work on your talk tracks with your toughest personas before your call blocks

- Learn to handle objections before you hit the phones

- Tighten up your pitches so they're clear, concise and specific

How Nooks AI Training works:

1. Select your real calls from your call library

2. Build a persona based on your ICP

3. Master your talk tracks with prospecting bot

4. Be ready win on the phones!

Sign up for the early beta to train your own AI Training Bot.

We challenged the Nooks Community to try and book a meeting with our AI Training personas after trying Nooks Dialer's Diablo Hot Sauce:

Tom Slocum: 

Check out Tom Slocum's post on LinkedIn.

Amelia Taylor:

Dan Lee: 

Check out Dan Lee's post on LinkedIn.

Rohan Suri: 

Check out Rohan Suri's post on LinkedIn.

Vishnu Tejus:

Check out Vishnu Tejus' post on LinkedIn.

Giano Fiore:

Check out Giano Fiore's post on LinkedIn.

Skylar Werneth:

Check out Skylar Werneth's post on LinkedIn.

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