Are you looking to learn first hand from SDRs that are at the forefront of the parallel dialing movement? These SDRs were inducted to the 10K Dialer Club and are accomplishing in 3 months what used to take over a year.

We launched in Nooks 10K Dialer Club in Fall 2023 to recognize SDRs who are leading the movement into AI-powered parallel dialing. If you're looking for a user perspective on what it's like to execute 5x the normal outbound activity - we recommend starting here.

Here are the top 15 Cold Calling SDRs to follow: 

Clemente Abascal

Business Development Representative, Rightbound

Timmy Quinn

Sales Development Representative, Zilla Security

Madison Chapman

Sales Development Representative, Rightbound

Ryan Donovan

Sales Development Representative, Zilla Security

Christy Min

Email Security Specialist, Abnormal Security

Trenton Martinez

Sales Development Representative, Leadium

Michael Vidovich

Account Development Representative, Observe

Eric Sherkel

Email Security Specialist, Abnormal Security

Logan Taunton

Sr. Email Security Specialist

Michael Washington

Sales Development Representative, Leadium

Rick Walsh

Founding BDR, Zilla Security

Amanda Ashley

Sales Development Representative, Abnormal

Danny Escobar

Sales Development Representative, Observe

Mariana Zambrano

Sales Development Representative, Beam Solar

Tyler Robins

Account Executive, RightBound

Thank you to our first 15 inductees into the 10K Dial Club. Stay tuned as we grow the club each quarter.

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