Left to their own devices, your team might be more focused on call volume than quality conversations. Here’s a few things to consider about increasing their connection rates.

The cold calling volume debate among SaaS Sales leaders never ends. 50 calls a day? 100 calls a day? 1000 calls a day? Depends who you ask.  

We analyzed 2.2 million calls and other customer data to find where reps are getting the most connections and connect-to-meeting ratio. Here’s what you need to know to increase conversation rates on the phone. 

Focus on lead quality: 

It doesn’t matter how many calls your team makes if they’re calling numbers that don’t pick up. According to Nooks data, connect rates increase by 31% when calling mobile numbers compared to non-mobile numbers.

Most teams prioritize call and email volume for but don’t necessarily train reps on removing and replacing bad numbers. 

Of those conversations they also convert into meetings at a 15% higher rate.

For non-technical verticals (Sales, HR and Marketing), that number increases to 44% more likely to answer on mobile.

This graph shows the percentage increase in  connect rates for mobile when compared to non-mobile. Suggesting that Non-technical roles are significantly more likely to pick up a mobile number than folks in Security, Support, Data and IT.

This means that if your team isn’t putting in the time to actively search for mobile numbers, it might be a good idea to incentivize them to do so. We suggest using a lead gen tool to make it easy for your team to find accurate cell numbers.

Use an AI dialer:

If you’re running a high volume cold calling strategy, chances are that your reps are more concerned about hitting their number than they are about accurately logging each call. 

An AI dialer can detect, remove and log bad numbers for them into your CRM. This means that your team can spend more time making quality calls and less time spinning their wheels. 

For that reason, reps using an AI automatic dialer are getting 5x more connections than reps using traditional dialers.

Dedicate a calling time with your team: 

Based on Nooks customer data, reps are 3x more productive both in volume and connections when calling with their peers in a supervised environment. Nooks analytics gives them the ability to see how they stack up to their peers and the supervision from leadership gives them an incentive to perform. Teams that call together, stay together. Don’t let your team dial alone.


The days of smile and dial are far from gone, but they have changed. With virtual selling, teams that are focused on both quality and quantity are winning the battle for talk time with prospects. 

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